Ken Hornbeck



Ken Hornbeck moved to the Atlanta area from New York City in 1997. He served as Artistic Director of Mount Sinai Hospital Adolescent Health Center’s STAR™ Theatre (now NiteStar) from 1989-1997, and was Founder and Executive Artistic Director of the EN-ACTE™ Program at Emory University from 1997 - 2001. Both of these programs created original theatre for teens around topics including HIV/AIDS and early pregnancy prevention, diversity, decision-making and abuse, among others.

With his colleague, Cydelle Berlin, Ken completed co-writing  a theater-in-education manual which has been published in over 30 languages by the United Nations, where he is a member of the International Peer Training Team. He has provided training for United Nations in Estonia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco, as well as in Serbia, Bosnia and New York.

As director of Emory University’s Issues Troupe, a program comprised of Emory students, Ken has been pleased to direct seven original short plays dealing with diversity for freshman fall orientation (“Best of Show”) 2003 thru 2010. Also through Issues Troupe he has directed five other original works—"War Daddy,” “Shrapnel,”  “Heliocentricity,” “What’s the Difference?” and “A Beautiful Disaster”—all presented for Emory’s Founders Week Celebration. In 2007, he began coordinating Crossing Boundaries, a theater-based initiative exploring race and diversity on the Emory campus utilizing the Issues Troupe and involving students in ongoing interactive workshops. 2009 saw the founding of First Light Interactive Theater Ensemble at Emory, a faculty/staff interactive outreach project, focused on social change across the campus.

He has worked professionally as an actor, director, playwright, designer and visual artist in Dallas and New York City as well as in Atlanta. He has performed locally in “Big Love” for Out of Hand Theater, as Buzz in “Love, Valour, Compassion” for Onstage Atlanta, at Art Station, Stone Mountain Park, Theater Emory, and in festivals for both SavageTree Arts and the Center for Puppetry Arts.

Also for Emory University, Ken served as creative director on four original videos for freshman, examining issues including diversity, unwanted sexual experiences, substance abuse, and suicide. In 2010, he began work on a series of videos related to suicide prevention for the EmoryCares4U Project.

In addition to “God is a Biker Chick,” he has directed “Paint!” by Robin Seidman and Spencer Stephens. Other Atlanta directing credits include “Tis the Seasons” by Evan Guilford-Blake, “Alana” by Jeffrey L. Graham, “365 Plays” for the Transforming Community Project/365 Plays Project, “The Bones Project” for Theater Emory’s Brave New Works (2009), and Re-Generation: The Play, a documentary play written by Professor Debra Vidali.

  1. Bullet Founder and executive director of the en-acte™ program at emory University 

  2. Bullet master trainer for United nations in sexuality and hiv prevention 

  3. Bullet Post graduate studies, theater and social work

  4. Bullet Professional actor, director, and facilitator

  5. Bullet BA, education